9 Best Emotional Intelligence Test Online and Free That Help you Evaluate Your Emotional Skills and Reveal Your Personality

9 emotional intelligence test online and free sparkle skills.com
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We compiled a list of best Free Emotional Intelligence Test Online with pros and cons of each test/quiz to help you Evaluate Your Emotional Skills and Reveal Your Personality.

Moreover, these test falls into the 4 main emotional intelligence categories: self-awarness, social awarness, self managment, social managment so really help you discover, reveal and evaluate your emotional intelligence quotient and shape.

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An attractive emotional intelligence test that you have to try. Also, when you achieve you’ll have a report that contain a general emotional intelligence score, each of these category score (self awareness, social awareness, self management, social management), your emotional profile and a full description of the emotional profile type)

Pros: Cons:
Test steps are intuitive, easy and entertaining.

Free and sharable test report mainly on twitter and facebook, with a profile description

Type of evaluation of the test and profile determination are bit unclear.


This EQ test should be taken seriously and answered carefully. So, after reading the initiation and accepting to take this emotional intelligence test for a personal use, you find between 146 questions (40min) to 341 questions (60min) that relate to specific daily or given situations, tied up with photos and fictive personalities. Furthermore, When achieve, you get a Snapshot Report with the following: an introduction, a personalized interpretation and a graph of your EQ test score.

Pros: Cons:
This is a deep pertinent emotional intelligence test.

The test gives you a relevant shape of your emotional intelligence skills.

It’s relatively long so it’s a really time investment.

In addition, the Full detailed report is paid.


Let you test emotional social awareness or how are your skills at detecting the feelings of others. So, you’ll have 20 Real people photos to determine their emotions through facial expression. Besides, ranging from happiness and sadness to anger and fear and more, each emotion related signs are detailed: such as the exact muscle involved in the emotion and the subtle differences between facial expressions to improve your emotional intelligence skills.

Pros: Cons:


Lightweight emotional intelligence test (12 questions quiz), once done you got an overview of your emotional intelligence capabilities. In addition,the quiz can be taken similarly on facebook with an option to share with your friends.

Pros: Cons:
Light fast and Totally Free quiz. In addition, the quiz is available on facebook.

Also, it’s a sharable quiz so you can let your friends see your results and take their too.

However, the short number of question gives only an overview of the tested skill.

In order to get the results, you must fill a bit excessive number of personal information which some users will not like.


It contains different situations to evaluate your emotional behavior, social awarness and social emotional managment in each 10 cases of this emotional intelligence test.

Pros: Cons:
The case studies and answers of each situation are deeply selected and pertinent so the results.

The interface is intuitive, mobile friendly and fast.

The test result is only a score number and a mention, without any details or report interpretation.

Would be perfect if have bit more cases.





If you have taken one of those emotional intelligence test online free listed above, we would love to know the traits and abilities that you did good at, which test you took, how this post helped you and your overall EQ score. Actually a higher emotional intelligence test ‘s score means that you’re probably a successful person with sparkling skills because Emotional Intelligence May be More Important for Success than IQ.