Emotional Intelligence May be More Important for Success than IQ

Now there is a general agreement over the correlation between emotional intelligence and successfullness. Although, for decades researchers only considered Intelligence quotient as the most significant predictor of success without considering other forms of agilities.

Traditional IQ test only measure what called nowadays, cognitive intelligence, but emotional intelligence capabilities like any other form of intelligence, cannot be measured, until recently.

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Fortunately, recent years psychologists have begun to understand that emotional intelligence is as important as other kinds of brilliance. Some have argued that emotional intelligence is a better predictor of achievements and fame than IQ.

For an example, a 40-year investigation of 450 boys who grew up in sommerville, massachusetts, found that IQ had little relation to how well they did at work or in the rest of their lives. What made the biggest difference were childhood abilities such as being able to control emotions in critical situations and get along with other people.
This may gives the false impression that IQ doesn’t matter much. But, in certain jobs the ability to pass examinations is a prerequisite and this may demand a high IQ, wich is a form of succes.

Whilest each role and job requires a level of IQ, success depends on your ability to persisit in difficult situations and getting along with colleagues and subordinates. Actually, the emotional intelligence deal with the ability to

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Academics already start to believe that emotional intelligence it is a key factor in personal and professional success and may be more important than IQ for advanced realizations.  Research from Harvard Business School demonstrated that EQ counts for twice as much as IQ and Technical Skills in determining who will be successful!

In fact, studies indicate that people with high emotional IQs deal better at negotiating tactics, winning sympathy and favors, social networking and influence around them. Those are major factors for success too, beside of technical skills.
Successful people have that attractiveness, energy spreading around, high influence effect and self appearence control. Actually, mastering emotionals skills lead to the emotional shape and state of mind that attract and accomplish success. Furthermore, it’s often a managerial skill, and brilliant managers should definetely master these skills.

“Emotional intelligence, more than any other factor, more than I.Q. or expertise, accounts for 85% to 90% of success at work…
I.Q. is a threshold competence. You need it, but it doesn’t make you a star.
Emotional intelligence can.”
Warren Bennis

Far better, researchers highlights, that unlike cognitive intelligence which is a genetic gift, emotional intelligence can improve!

These, are the business-oriented steps to apply in the workplace for better emotionally intelligent leadership:

1) Self awarness: know your emotions.
2) Self management: manage your emotions and motivate yourself.
3) Social awarness: Recognize and understand other people’s emotions.
4) Relationship management: manage people’s sentiment, and deal with emotions around you.

So for better successfull happier personal life and professional career, you know that there isn’t only a technical abilities or inherited intelligence and skills that matter the most. There’s an emotional state that you should learn and acquire. It’s powerful, effective and helpful for achieving success.

Back in 1995, Dr Daniel Goleman published the bestseller “Emotional Intelligence” wich represent the foundation lines of this ability. In 1998 “Working with emotional intelligence” from the same author. The last ebook deal with more practical aspects than the first one.

So Dr Daniel Goleman shows that in the past you only need to show your expertise and training. However, today you must also show the capacity to handle yourself and others. For hiring managers and mostly, people searching for new jobs opportunities, this is a must-skill to improve for achievements in the long run.